Jane Szarotka is one of the main characters of the series. She originally lived with her Mother as an egg, but her Mother soon seperated Jane and the other hatchlings in five different nests, one belonging to a female Shenum dragon inlcuding Jane. It took a while for Jane to be accepted in the Shenum tribe and soon gained some respect. Jane is very obessed with male dragons, and will often flirt with them at first sight with them, showing that Jane does not understand love yet, until Marcus dies and she realises that she had loved him. She is known to be very forceful, girly, discoraging and easy to become upset. She can turn into a white donkey and a white rabbit on any occassion, but these powers have only became useful once in the entire story. She has a weapon which can whack an enemy out of gravity, quite like Mystery's hammer weapon. Her element is ice, and sometimes the ice can quickly melt and turn into water element. When Jane cries, she can create rivers of water. Her purple had has pins that she has been rewarded in previous events, one being a fashion contest, swimming contest and loser contest. She has huge white rabbit ears, which she stores all of her items inside and uses to fly instead of wings or a backpack. She has two hairy beige legs, with two huge black hooves.

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